About Groups

Want friends, family members and colleagues to join you on the 100 Mile Challenge?

The Groups functionality on the 100 Mile Challenge website allows users to keep track of other users' progress throughout the challenge. You can create groups for your family, friends, work colleagues, class or anyone else you want to complete the challenge with you.

To create a group:

  • Visit the Groups page and click "Request A New Group."
  • If you want to create a private group that will not be listed in the directory, choose the option "Invisible" under Groups Directory and Listings. This means that the group will not be listed on the Groups page and will only be accessible by typing in the URL for the group.
  • Make sure you select all the activities you want to count for the group's total. For example, if you only select "Running" as the activity for your group, only each group member's running miles will be added to the group total and not any mileage for other activities.

Once you submit the form, a staff member will review the information you provided. If your group is approved, you will receive an email with a link to that group. If you created an "Invisible" group, make sure you forward the URL on the email to the people you want to join your group, so they can join it.


Do you have another question about how groups work? Send us an email!