Information about the 2019 Challenge

Dear 100 Mile Challenge participants:

We finally have some news about the 2019 prizes and the future of the program! We recently welcomed our new 100-Mile Challenge and Passport program manager, Leah Charbonneau, and we have been hard at work catching up with prizes and preparing for the next year of the programs.

The 2019 prize redemption form is now available. Please use the form to request your prizes, and our new program manager will be sending out the prizes this fall. Like previous years, you must have an account with the 100-Mile Challenge website to redeem your prizes. You must have earned the badges that correspond with the prize you are redeeming — i.e., you must have 500 Miles (2019) in your Trophy Room to be able to receive the 500 miles prize pack.

This is last year we will be giving out prizes to all eligible participants of the 100-Mile Challenge. In 2016, we launched the 100-Mile Challenge program as part of the North Carolina State Parks 100-year celebration. During the first two years of the program, organizations sponsored the website, prizes, and staff.

The 100-Mile Challenge program has grown to nearly 15,000 participants, and the Passport program has served nearly 100,000 participants.

We will send out prizes for those who complete the 100-Mile Challenge milestones this year, while supplies last. Like previous years, we will allow a 31-day redemption period after 2019 is over, and then we will close the prize program on January 31, 2020. We will continue the Passport and its prize program, so if you don't have one yet, pick up a Passport book at a state park near you to begin your journey to each of our parks.

You can still participate in the 100-Mile Challenge after January 2020. The website will remain available for those who want to keep track of their mileage in our beautiful parks and trails system. We hope to transition into a raffle-based prize system for the 100-Mile Challenge beginning in 2020, in which each participant would earn one entry into the raffle per 50 miles logged. At the end of the year, we will hold a drawing for raffle prizes. Stay tuned for details on 2020 raffle prizes!

In the meantime, we want to thank you for your patience while we sorted out the prizes and got new staff for our beloved programs. We received so many messages of encouragement and please to keep the program going, and we appreciated hearing how the 100-Mile Challenge has encouraged you to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

We hope you will continue your adventures!

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at

Now, take a hike!


2019 prizes for 100-Mile Challenge program