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Request prizes

New prizes for 2018! Scroll below to fill out the form to request your prizes.

Please note: Prize packs at 250 and 1000 miles can take a few weeks to process. Prizes are while supplies last.

Help us save on postage! If you hike frequently and plan to hit several mileage milestones within a short period, please consider waiting and requesting several prizes at once. Or if you have another member of your household participating and requesting prizes, please consider sending your requests within the same day or noting it in the comment box, so that we can send your prizes together. We appreciate your help!



Prize redemption form:

Choose one or more of the following prizes to be sent to you. You MUST have the corresponding 2018 badge for the prize you are requesting; i.e. 100 Miles (2018) badge to receive the 100 miles prize.
T-shirts are all Gildan Men's Classic T-shirts. See their sizing chart if you need measurements.
Please select what type of socks you would like to receive and then enter your shoe size in the field below.
Are you redeeming for a buddy on your account? Is there another person in your household that is requesting a prize? Do you have any other questions or comments? Let us know in the box above.